The L.A. Times has an article that would be almost laughable were it not so monstrous. They report on young people who aspire to kill babies one day. These young folk are truly inspirational. Take fourth year medical student Megan Lederer—why would 30 year old Megan be drawn to the happy-go-lucky abortion trade? Well for Megan, there are very deep, personal, and serious reasons:

“It’s like when your big brother says you can’t do something,” Lederer said. “That just makes you want to do it even more.”

Wow! Deep! This is a great reason not to have more than one child if big brothers lead to more abortionists.

The Times then laments the crazy restrictions imposed upon abortionists:

Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the U.S., terminating about one in four pregnancies, not counting miscarriages.

Physicians who choose to provide abortions also chafe at a lack of autonomy. In many states, every detail of their practice is regulated: the width of clinic hallways, the number of air vents, even how often their staff must take physicals.

I cannot help but wonder how many other common surgical procedures the Times thinks should be unregulated? And the staff must take physicals? Physicals?!? That is just harassment!

Because it is such a tough vocation, the aspiring young abortionists needed a little encouragement. So they invited a legend in the abortion rights movement to give them inspiration, Dr. Warren Hern. Emphases and [Comments] mine:

“Do something else. Fix broken legs,” he often advises. “No reasonable person would do this.”

Hern, 68, practices in Boulder, Colo…(and) specializes in late second- and third-trimester abortions; his patients come to him from around the world, many with late diagnosis of fetal deformity. Though he feels certain he’s doing right by the women, Hern still feels conflicted when he steps into his basement surgery.

He once wrote that “the sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current” — and after three decades, he is not inured to that feeling. “We are hard-wired as a species to protect small, young, helpless creatures,” [For good reason!] he said. “The fetus is not a baby, but it’s close. Some are very close. It’s difficult.”

That should do the trick. I am inspired. You? Young Megan, however, is undaunted.

Lederer grew up talking women’s rights around the dinner table. “I still have a signed Gloria Steinem book that my mom bought me when I was 2,” she said. [Ah Hah!, that explains it!]

She also knows that the few doctors who perform late second- and third-trimester abortions are mostly in their 60s or 70s. “Who’s going to do this when they leave? Someone has to,” Lederer said. “I feel in my heart of hearts that it’s the right thing to do.”

Whew! I thought she might bail after Dr. Hern’s inspiring words.

If this is what passes for a Pro-Abortion news these days, I say let’s have more of it. When even the most gruesome baby killers cannot sugarcoat the issue anymore, you know that we are winning the battle for hearts and minds.

See the entire thing here.