Well, June 2 came and went with out the Motu Proprio. Not unexpected as only one uncorroborated source stated Saturday as a possibility and I was skeptical. However I remained convinced that it is imminent.

Further confirmation comes again from Cardinal Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State. RorateCaeli reports on an interview by the Cardinal in which the following exchange took place:

And the equally expected motu proprio which would liberalize the use the the Missal said of Saint Pius V, at what stage is it?

I believe one will not wait long to see it published. The Pope is personally interested that this should take place. He will explain it in his accompanying letter, expecting a serene reception.

I don’t know about this supposed serene reception as I believe that some are pre-determined to get upset that it is too much or too little. However, either way, we will see it soon.