There is very exciting news in the world of stem cell research. From FT:

Three scientific teams published separate studies on Wednesday showing that embryonic stem cells can be made by reprogramming some of the genes in adult skin cells, without having to create an embryo – at least in mice.

However, scientists are quick to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

“These results are preliminary and proof of principle,” said Rudolf Jaenisch, a member of the Whitehead Institute and a professor of biology at MIT, who led one of the studies. “Human embryonic stem cells remain the gold standard . . . and it is a necessity to continue studying embryonic stem cells through traditional means.

On what basis do embryonic stem cells remain the ‘gold standard’? The number of therapeutic applications of adult stem cells climbs every day while 20 years of destroying human life has yielded virtually nothing. It boggles the mind that scientists and their cohorts in the media can turn such an exciting breakthrough, which holds out the hope of treatments that respect life, into a further reason for death.

This same media and scientific establishment sees every 90 degree day and every stranded polar bear as ‘conclusive’ evidence of global warming, absolutely refuses to see the truth about stem cells despite overwhelming evidence. We truly live in a culture of death.