From Minnesota comes this wonderful story of love, life, and trust in God.

After fertility treatments, against all odds, Brianna Morrison became pregnant with 6 babies. Brianna and her husband Ryan were stunned and thrilled. But not her doctors.

A few weeks later, they learned that there were in fact six babies conceived. When doctors discovered that Brianna Morrison was carrying sextuplets, they advised couple to opt for “selective reduction,” in which the woman carrying multiple fetuses reduces the number of viable fetuses to two by a procedure that is a multiple abortion.

The Morrisons would have none of it. They knew immediately the gift they had been given.

“However, we knew right away that this is not an option for us,” the couple wrote. “We understand that the risk is high, but we also understand that these little ones are much more than six fetuses. “Each one of them is a miracle given to us by God.” “He knows each one of them by name and we will trust Him absolutely for their lives and health.”

They also knew that their only option was to trust God.

“Truly God [will] sustain us in this just as He has sustained us in everything we’ve ever experienced. He will bring the lives of these babies to full health and fruition and everyone will say, ‘Look, God has done something amazing!’”

Today, the Morrison’s four boys and two girls were born premature, delivered after just 22 weeks. Doctors at Children’s Hospital listed them in critical condition Monday afternoon, with weights ranging between 11 ounces and 1 pound, 3 ounces.

Let us all pray for the Morrisons (Mom, Dad,Lucia Rae, Cadence Alana, Bennet Ryan, Tryg Brenton, Lincoln Sean, and Sylas Christopher) and thank God for the tremendous witness to the value of all life that this couple has provided.