Italian archaeologist, Alfredo Barbagallo, claims that the legendary Holy Grail is hidden in the catacombs under the 6th-century Roman basilica of St. Lawrence Outside the Walls.

Barbagallo has come to believe that the Holy Grail is in a room that is now buried under the basilica. His theory is based on two years of studying medieval iconography inside the basilica. Authorities are now considering opening the catacombs for examination.

I advise extreme caution if they find the cup in the room. I know how this works. You have to be really choosy about which cup you drink from or bad, bad things will happen. No, I don’t have an archaeology degree or any such superfluous thing. However, I have seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade many times I know that if you ‘choose poorly’ you will instantly shrivel up and look like Bob Barker.

I know that the Grail is the most sought after relic of all time, but the risk may just be too great.

Oh, and don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.