An Italian town’s mayor hopes to shame men into not using prostitutes by photographing cars that stop to liaise with prostitutes on the side of the street, according to Reuters.

Advertisements in local newspapers with the plate numbers will then be published, he said.

All I can think is I hope the next time in Rome I don’t have to stop and ask for directions. Mental note -if I need directions don’t stop to ask the woman in the sequin mini-skirt.

The Mayor has excellent reasons for taking on this action. Was it because the number of prostitutes on Italian streets has increased dramatically in recent years?Was it because the Vatican earlier this week called for new laws to punish clients of prostitution?

No, said the mayor, who said the reason for the new policy was, “I think it’s more important to protect the rights of citizens who have to be at work early but are kept up at night by the sound of cars,” he told Reuters.

Hey, we’ll take what we can get.