Prostitutes in Rome
——Don’t stop for directions.

The Eye of God.
——There is a Visine for that.

Tony Visits Benny
——Our take on how the conversation went.

Media Bias and “Evan Almighty”
——Religion is fine, as long as you don’t take it seriously.

A Public Man of Faith and Principle
——Where is Thomas More when you need him?

News & Opinion

Church in Kuwait: No Problems Here
——Please move along, nothing to see here.

President Bush vetos stem-cell bill, expands support for non-embryonic research
US President George W. Bush today vetoed a bill that would have expanded federal government subsidies from embryonic stem-cell research.

Bishop: Pro-Choice and Communion not compatible.
Pro-choice Catholics, not just Catholic politicians, must not receive Communion if they knowingly support legalized abortion says an American Catholic bishop.

EU Court rules against life, Polish government to appeal ruling
European Court of Human Rights stands up for inhumanity.