Putin vs. Santa
——St. Nick vows to stop Russian Power grab.

I’m Not Dead! Oh, Don’t Be Such A Baby
——With a wife like this, who needs enemies?

Motu Proprio Signals a New ‘Dark Ages’
——Patrick joins the Ordinary Ministers of the Media.

96 Percent of Americans Have Sex by 20 Years Old and other Cultural Disasters
——As a father of four (and one on the way) this story scares the hell out of me.

Religious doctors Killing Women, MSNBC Reports!!
——Media bias, what media bias?.

News & Opinion

Pope Encourages Adult Stem-cell Research
Pope Benedict XVI encouraged scientific exploration on the uses of stem cells obtained by morally licit means, during his public audience on June 27.

Humor – How the Green-ch Sold Global Warming
——Dr. Seuss takes on Al Gore.

Pope Restores Two-thirds Requirement for Papal Election.
Pope Benedict XVI has restored the rule requiring a two-thirds majority among the voting cardinals to elect a new Roman Pontiff.

The Conscience of Our Age
Interview With Father Vincent Twomey

Tell the Truth Boldly, Urges Pontiff
Papal reflections on Life of St. John the Baptist

51 New Archbishops to Receive Pallium
——Metropolitan archbishops who will receive the pallium from Pope Benedict XVI at a ceremony in the Vatican basilica on June 29, the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.