Karen, over at Some Have Hats wrote this great piece comparing the “Hair on Fire About the Planet Movement” to worshiping the golden calf.

Extreme environmentalism is a religion complete with tithing in carbon offsets, infallibility in scientific consensus, and a high priest in Al Gore.

The people who have abandoned God, now noticing a spiritual vacuum (which, as we know, Mother Nature abhors), have turned the planet into their deity. Their prophets are now screaming that the people have turned against their god and are thereby bringing destruction upon themselves. I think they’ve got that part right — they just have the wrong god. The irony of worshipping the creation instead of the creator seems lost on them. (In fact, irony as a concept seems lost on them.) It’s a much more convenient religion, since Mother Earth has not handed down any stone tablets, or any other revelation, to challenge her children to behavior that taxes them in any way. Recycling might take some extra effort, but it causes no ache in the spiritual muscles. There is no Dark Night of the Good Steward Soul. No wondering why your benevolent God would put you through fill-in-the-spiritual-agony. No wrenching of the soul over whether or not littering is really evil, or evil in all circumstances. Earthism is the Mother of All Feel-Good religions. So, I’m gonna be the friend who tells you. It is not the trees and the oceans we have turned against. It is the Guy who made them.

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