Fr. Barron on Images of God
——Video: Images of God in the Old and New Testaments.

Bibles, No Way! Madrassas, No Problem!
——Without double standards, they would have no standards at all!

Jesus Was a Racist Slaveholder
——Gene Robinson, perennial victim, is oppressed by racist slave holding African Bishops.

Stupidest Headline Concerning Mother Teresa
——Did the Chicago Tribune fire all its editors?

Of Footballs and Insults
——The liturgy is not a football.

Jesuit Donates Blood 138 Times
——A priest who really gives of himself.

Retired Australian bishop wants “a very different Church”
——Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, a retired auxiliary of the Sydney archdiocese, endorses “the most radical changes since Martin Luther started the 16th century Protestant Reformation,” the Australian newspaper The Age reports.

Wife of Chinese Opponent of Forced Abortion Missing After Police Confrontation
——BEIJING, August 24, 2007 ( – On Friday Chinese officials at the Beijing airport blocked the wife of a well-known opponent of forced abortion from leaving the country. Friends have reported that she is missing and possibly kidnapped.

And Don’t Call Me Shirley!
——The cutest video you have ever seen!