I saw this one on my local news and couldn’t help but thank God that I was Catholic.

A Protestant Pastor’s daughter is now speaking out against her father because he dared to offer help to homosexuals, according to NBC10 News. The pastor’s daughter, a lesbian, said she just couldn’t stay silent.

The father had offered to help homosexuals stay away from sin and repent. The daughter said, “It is with great sadness that I learned of the public statements my father has made against my community,” said Sharon Roggio. “Just as straight people never made the choice to be straight, gays and lesbians never made the choice to be gay.”

It’s bad enough having Jesuits tell us we’re all crazy and we need to loosen up. This girl is asking that her father include what she calls “the gay and lesbian perspective” at this Sunday’s church service. I’m not sure what that means but for me it is just one more piece of evidence that priests should not marry. Once again, I thank God I’m a Catholic.