Men all over the United States are reconsidering bathroom breaks due to the recent “lewd conduct” scandal involving Senator Larry Craig and an undercover police officer.

One man traveling from Philadelphia to New York was reportedly “kind of freaked out” in a public restroom yesterday due to the scandal.

The man who asked to remain anonymous but said he was “quite good with the ladies” said he was driving to New York on business and needed to stop at the Joyce Kilmer Rest Stop on the New Jersey Turnpike to use the restroom. “You’re darn right I’m nervous in there. First off it’s not that clean in there and then you add this whole other…element. It’s just really scary.”

The man said he’s a pretty happy man who taps his foot and hums quite often to himself. “Now I find out that’s a signal to homosexuals that I’m on the prowl. Come to think of it this explains what happened to me in Cincinnati.”

The scandalous incident which has men rethinking potty breaks began with Senator Craig peering into the undercover officer’s stall several times through the crack in the door.

But many men said that’s not just a “gay thing” because many people do so just to check if someone’s in the stall or if the door is just closed over. “I’ll never look in again,” said Tony Menendez, of New Brunswick, who added that he had a wife and two children. “From now on if the door is even shut a little I’ll just pass it by. I’ll hold it. The last thing I need is someone misconstruing something I do in a public restroom.”

Menendez said, “I remember George Michael did something nasty in a public restroom but that’s…you know…George Michael. But now a Senator? It could be anybody.”

Sen. Craig has also insisted his foot was simply tapping and he was not soliciting public sex although, according to police, the toe tap is a “come on” signal for bathroom sex.

Men all over the country are now saying they will make sure they keep their feet planted firmly on the ground when using a public restroom. “I never make eye contact with anyone in a bathroom anyway. Now I just have to remember not to tap my foot either. But maybe it’s not just restrooms,” said Paul Weiss of Philadelphia who insisted he was “quite the Casanova” in his college days. “I’m just never going to tap my feet again unless I’m in my car…alone,” said Weiss. “It’s getting to be a scary world out there. I’m never stopping at a rest stop again. I don’t care how bad I have to go.”