There is a really interesting piece on Bobby Jindal, the Republican running for Governor of Louisiana, in the Wall Street Journal. Jindal, raised in his parents’ Hindu faith, is a convert to Catholicism. Although southern Louisiana, with its French and Spanish heritage, is heavily Catholic, Protestants outnumber Catholics statewide. And that became grist for the political mill when Democrats ran an attack ad on Jindal’s Catholicism.

And here’s some hope for Louisiana because they reacted the way good people should react to the worst in politics.

It was soon off the air anyway, for it had the opposite of its intended effect. “Every phone call, every email, every letter we’ve gotten has been angry at their ad and supporting us,” Mr. Jindal says. “We’ve literally had hundreds of Democratic elected officials, pastors and others publicly and privately saying they condemn the ad and calling on the party to stop this. . . . Usually with an attack ad, somebody will come up to you and say, ‘Hey, is this really true?’ . . . I have not had one person question me.”

If the ad was helping him, I ask, why did he ask to have it pulled? My cynical question draws a high-minded answer: “It coarsens what I think should be a very important election. . . . It’s beneath our state; it’s beneath our voters. I think it’s insulting to our voters.”

Kudos to Bobby Jindal, who seems to be a very serious man in a state in very serious crisis.