This is why I send my children to Catholic school. While on Friday many public school second graders may be learning a story about two princes meeting and falling in love, my children and millions of children around the world are joining in the Worldwide Children’s Holy Hour.

This is a powerful papally induced movement which consists of children’s Eucharistic Adoration in every parish, school, and family throughout the world.

Please be sure to join with your family. Many children throughout the world will be participating in the fifth annual Children’s Holy Hour, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and via satellite and radio by the Eternal Word Television Network. EWTN will broadcast the event to 40 nations throughout the world, spiritually uniting the prayers of our children and youth around the globe for the families of the world.

Great event. I hope your family can be part of it. For more information visit