Disney has demanded that the mention of God be removed from all advertisements for the upcoming animated feature, “The Ten Commandments.”

The producer of an upcoming animated Hollywood feature, “The Ten Commandments,” claims Radio Disney censored the words “chosen by God” from a radio ad for the film.

Promenade Pictures founder and CEO Frank Yablans – a former partner of Walt Disney himself – told WND he had no choice but to go ahead with Radio Disney’s version of his ad after paying for the spot. “I could go to jail for what I would like to do to them,” said Yablans. “It’s just outrageous that in the United States of America they won’t allow the name of God.”

Radio Disney says they didn’t edit out God on purpose but said they found the text confusing and they though that removing the words, “Chosen By God” would clear all that up. The lines before “chosen by God” listed four of the voice talents, Disney noted, and claimed that its listeners mistakenly could take that to mean the actors, not Moses, were “chosen by God.”

What?! I mean please. Give us a break. Many other radio stations played the original commercial without editing.

In an Oct. 2 e-mail obtained by World Net Daily, Radio Disney sales associate Jason Atkinson informed Promenade that the network’s broadcast standards and practices department said scripts for the “Ten Commandments” radio spots should “omit the following line: CHOSEN BY GOD.”

Yablans said Dinsey’s explanation that the text was hard to follow was ridiculous. “They’re saying that now because they got caught with their fingers in the cookie jar,” said Yablans.

Disney has clearly been hijacked by radicals with a crazy secularist agenda. They’ve just been caught.