From the Jerusalem Post comes an article on a pro-life activist in the heart of Jerusalem.

It is either a sign of the times – or of my own stereotyping – that my initial assumption about Be’ad Chaim director Sandy Shoshani, an American-born mother of seven, is that she must be Orthodox. Who else would be running a “pro-life” organization in the center of Jerusalem?

But as soon as the 51-year-old veteran immigrant from Boston opens the door to “Lilach” – the organization’s street-name, so to speak – I realize that a little self-flagellation is in order. As religious in spirit as Shoshani may be, it transpires, she is otherwise as secular in observance and appearance as the next Israeli.

After registering her shock at the ‘normality’ of this pro-life activist, the author Ruthie Blum, tells of why Shoshani is doing what she is doing.

“And I want all women to know that whatever their financial or familial situation when they get pregnant, they have more than one option.”

Giving birth, Shoshani asserts while giving me a tour of the premises, is the one choice many women don’t even consider when they find themselves unexpectedly expecting.

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