The Devil Exorcised from Baseball
—”Is there a heaven?”…”Oh yes, it is the place where Kevin Costner never sings.”

Baltimore’s New Archbishop Removes Pastor
—Baltimore’s new archbishop seems to be taking his job very seriously.

Fr. Barron on Christopher Hitchens
—and the avatars of modernity.

The Bitter Pill
—Damian Thompson pokes some fun at the Tablet

Pregnant with Possibilities
—Pro-life activist in the heart of Jerusalem.

Signs of the Times
—Signs of impending Biblical comeuppance. Nothing gets by me.

Father Euteneuer Responds to Priest Who “Came Out”
—President of Human Life International writes an open letter to Fr. Brennan.

Here Comes Tony!
—Former PM to be accepted into Roman Catholic church

Priest “Comes Out” During Mass
—Priest at Jesuit University identifies himself as a homosexual during school’s ‘Unity Week.’

Columnist: Jesus Wants Women Priests
—Two women who say they’re Roman Catholic who want to be ordained as priests and are taking part in a ceremony at a synagogue. Confused? So is the columnist.