Trying to reinvent itself, the perennial last-place baseball team the Tampa Bay Devil Rays officially shortened its nickname to simply “Rays” during a celebration that brought a crowd of about 7,000 to a downtown park this weekend.

The devil has been cast out of Tampa Bay. And good riddance to him. That franchise is in a sorry state. But don’t think the devil is not already back at work at the stadium. At the rally celebrating their new team colors and the official dropping of the “Devil” from their nickname, entertainment was provided by Kevin Costner’s rock band. Kevin Costner! That sounds like the devil’s handiwork right there.

And what madness invaded the minds of the people who actually hired Kevin Costner’s band to “entertain.” What demon invaded some poor p.r. man’s mind and made him think that yeah, that’s a good idea?

It just goes to show you that just because you stop saying the evil one’s name and pretending he doesn’t exist he’s not still hard at work.

Now I’m sorry to have to do this but this is a clip from a Costner performance with his band. You really have to watch this.