Hillary Pleads Ignorance
—Matthew says “Don’t you believe it!”

With Great Power
—Patrick reflects upon the responsibilities of a Catholic blogger.

Evil Scientists Need Not Apply
—Cloning is bad, unless it is good.

New Jersey Forces Pharmacists to Administer Abortifacient
—Will the force of law become the enforcement of law?

Baltimore’s New Archbishop Removes Pastor
—Baltimore’s new archbishop seems to be taking his job very seriously.

Father Euteneuer Responds to Priest Who “Came Out”
—President of Human Life International writes an open letter to Fr. Brennan.

Priest “Comes Out” During Mass
—Priest at Jesuit University identifies himself as a homosexual during school’s ‘Unity Week.’

The Devil Exorcised from Baseball
—”Is there a heaven?”…”Oh yes, it is the place where Kevin Costner never sings.”

Fr. Barron on Christopher Hitchens
—and the avatars of modernity.