It’s Kind of like Jesus Meets Conan in A Remake of the Bible
—The Bible is getting the Manga graphic novel treatment and Rowan Williams likes it. ‘Nuff said!

Stop The Insanity! Wreck-ovation Alert!
—Beautiful Cathedral by renowned architect threatened with terrible renovation.

Violent Video Games Beget Gregorian Chant Popularity
—The Church threw it out to relate to young people. Then a strange thing happened.

Built Form of Ideas (Even Bad Ones)
—Liturgical architecture is the built form of theology. This is some ugly theology.

Truth or Unity?
—As the Anglican Communion crumbles, Bishops decide “Truth or Unity?” There is one place where both exist.

That is a Big Oops!
—L’Osservatore Romano overestimates decline in religious tenfold. Oops. I have the perfect remedy for this mistake.

Wanted: Ash Ministers
—Don’t ashes require extraordinary ministers?

Duh! We’re Christians!
—New prayer for the Jews offends the professionally offended.

I Want:
—Matthew ponders the little ways we can be good.