JB Powers at the Society of St. Barbara has an update about the proposed renovations at the Springfield Cathedral. Some commenters took me to task recently for posting without all the facts. Fair enough, however I along with several others realize that once these things are fact, it is probably too late. Anyway, JB has spoken with multiple people associated with the project and reports the following:

1) There are pleasant (even Orthodox) people working on this project.
2) There are unpleasant people working on this project
3) Changes to the High Altar have not been finalized.
4) Changes to the Altar Rail have not been finalized.
5) The design of the new Altar has not been finalized.
6) Per the Architect, the drawings on the internet are accurate.
7) Statement 6 conflicts with statements 3 and 4. If the drawings are accurate, the High Altar is smaller, and the altar rail is now curved.
8) The Liturgical Design Consultant working on this project tends to make things look like a living room at a wealthy person’s house in around 1980. Slick, secular and needing a redesign within 10 years.

Doesn’t seem to me that we were that far off if what Mr. Powers reports is correct. He also has some suggestions on what we can do about it.

Check them out here.