Newsweek Has Obamamania
—In giving out up and down arrows for the week, Newsweek has proven itself once again to be suffering from an acute case of Obamamania.

Abortionist Applauded At NEA Conference
—Tiller admits to killing children who slip out. NEA applauds.

Bishop Williamson Responds
—Williamson responds to questions raised here about whether the gates of hell have prevailed.

Headlines I Like To See
—UK Catholics show there is a way, but in the U.S. is there a will?

Documentary: Papacy is a Sham
—Right on cue, the media attacks the Church for Easter..

If Bill Richardson is Judas, Then Hillary is Who?
—James Carville displays the audacity of dope.

This Night Gives Me Hope
—Betrayal, Crucifixion, and Abandonment. Is this any way to start a religion?

Kids’ Rock
—I love children. Love ’em. Love almost everything about them. Almost everything.

Razzle Dazzle
—My musical video commentary on Barack Obama’s speech on race.

The Elephant In The Room
—Jesuit University President is upset with George Weigel for pointing out the elephant in the room.

Gorbachev at the Tomb of St. Francis
—Gorbachev confirms the greatness of God’s ways.