In giving out up and down arrows for the week, Newsweek has proven itself once again to be suffering from an acute case of Obamamania.

Sean Hannity along with Rush receive a down arrow for using “race-baiting to score ratings. Now that’s hating America.” I would assume that’s for them playing Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speeches. Now, of course, Newsweek doesn’t quote any race-baiting comments but just trust them on this one.

And then somehow after suffering one of the most impressive political implosions in recent memory Barack Obama merits only a sideways arrow with this message: “Will the greatest speech in recent history get him sidelined as a “black candidate”?

I’m sorry? The greatest speech in recent history? How recent? Like in the past week? I think Newsweek may have a Obamamania problem. Someone call for help.

Oh and get this, Jeremiah Wright gets a down arrow. Guess for what? Nope. Not for hate speech. Here’s what Newsweek said, “Why keep preaching inflammatory sermons with candidate Barack in the pews? Dumb.”

So it’s not Barack’s fault for sitting there and not standing up for his country or for sanity for that matter but it’s dumb of Rev. Wright to preach that way because Barack was in the crowd.

Wait. They called Rev. Wright dumb? Isn’t that racist?