This is sickening folks. Students for Life of America (SFLA) released video exposing footage of abortionist Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, KS openly discussing children who “slip out” accidentally during an abortion and are “born alive” or with a “heartbeat” during the Feminist Majority Foundation’s annual Women’s Leadership Conference, held at the National Education Association (NEA.)

The worst is how they applaud this monster as a hero.

Dr. Tiller, who currently faces 19 criminal charges for illegal late-term abortions in the state of Kansas, stated “If the baby is born alive, that is sloppy medicine” after addressing the crowd of about 100 feminists during a plenary session titled “Standing with our Sisters” on March 9, 2008.

I warn you that the video reveals Dr. Tiller showcasing graphic pictures of children with fetal abnormalities that he aborted to make the case for late-term abortions as necessary medical procedure. He also admitted to performing abortions on children the day before the mother’s due date. So just so we’re all clear -when pro-lifers show aborted infants that’s evil and awful but when they do it, it’s good. Not sure why but just trust them.