I often check out the news in England and Europe because it’s like reading future news here in America. They seem slightly ahead of us on the anti-Christian, secular humanism craziness.
Today I saw that care homes for the elderly should discourage Christian workers who do not believe in gay rights, say inspectors, according to the Daily Mail.

One million men and women work in care homes or help the elderly and disabled in their homes. State inspectors say they should “support” homosexuals so they feel “able to come out if they wish”.

Those applying for jobs should be “assessed” to ensure they have the right attitude to equality, the Commission for Social Care Inspection says.

It wants care homes to stop referring to husbands and wives and use “neutral” words such as partner. The commission, which inspects and maintains standards in care homes and care services, issued its call for workers to be forced to “sign up to gay rights.”

Now, of course, nevermind the fact that many of the elder care institutions are Christian so the only reason they’re helping people is because of their Christianity.

But do 95 year old women really need to come out. I’ve got to tell you I don’t think so. Is your main concern at 80 years old “coming out?” Do you really care if the person who is caring for you thinks about the definition of marriage?

The lunatics in government have nothing better to do so they find something to do. They attack Christians. And they’re going to keep on attacking Christians over there and over here. The march is on to rid the culture of Christianity.

And so Christians will not be able to hold government jobs. They’ll not be able to care for the elderly. They’ll not be able to work as foster parents or work in adoption. What’s next?