This morning as I was jamming my kids into their uniforms Good Morning America was talking about the chances of Pope Benedict endorsing any of the candidates for President. RRRgghghghghghgh! This is such a serious flaw in their thinking as well as being completely myopic and American-centric.

Chris Cuomo, I guess, is a regular contributor to the show and he delivered easily the most packed anti Pope Benedict quote I’ve ever heard. Get this from Chris Cuomo:

Born in Germany, Benedict’s seminary studies were interrupted by World War II when, reluctantly, he says, he became a member of the Hitler youth and the Nazi army, before being taken as an American prisoner of war. Here in the U.S., Benedict is perhaps remembered as the cardinal in charge of dealing with the church sex abuse scandal, who seemed at times defending the priests accused of wrongdoing.

Did you get the “he says” part? All we’re missing here is his heading up the office formerly known as the Inquisition. And in the end Cuomo after hearing a priest say the Pope may just win some people over, Cuomo seemed dubious:

It’s interesting to hear “will win people over.” It’s not believed that the Pope is coming here to charm anyone. You know, it’s interesting, for all of the talk about scandal here, the American church, the Catholic Church is actually growing. So, they see this as an opportunity for the Pope to come here and reinforce hard-line doctrine.

I don’t think GMA should be allowed to talk about the Pope or Catholicism anymore. They’re too stupid. And I have an abundance of stupidity in my life. Oh I know what I’ll do. I’ll just turn it off….Problem solved.