Ready for the latest sign of the apocalypse? I just came across this. A bunch of ladies are urging women all over North America to send their panties to government thugs in Burma as a way of stopping the violence there. Makes sense, right?

As you know, a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions has been playing out in Burma for more than 20 years. Thousands have been killed or forced into slave labour. Burma’s women have endured rape and other forms of systematic sexual violence employed by the military.

So what can panties do for peace in Burma, you ask? This answer is actually from their website:

The Panties for Peace campaign plays on the regime leaders’ superstitious fear that contact with a woman’s underpants will rob them of their power. Women around the world are asked to post their panties to local Burmese embassies in a bid to strip the regime of its power and bring an end to its gross violations of human rights, especially those committed against Burma’s women.

This is like Sex & The City meets Rambo.

The Panties for Peace campaign is led by a coalition of feminist and civil society organizations coordinated by the Quebec Women’s Federation and the Rights & Democracy Student Network.

I’m not sure they can actually believe that murderers and rapists will stop murdering and raping because they receive panties in the mail. In fact they may just be creating fetishistic murderers and rapists.

You want to know what’s sad -I think this is essentially a loud scream from these women for the media to notice Burma. And they believe that in today’s day and age the only way to get the media to focus on the atrocities in Burma is to wrap it in sex and women’s panties. You want to know something even sadder? They’re probably right.