Maybe I’m in a mood but I fear that we’re losing. But then again maybe we always were. Maybe we’re supposed to lose in order to get better later.

Right now, same sex couple are marrying in California and some capitalist somewhere is making money by creating same sex couple wedding cake toppers. Outpatient abortions occur every minute. The Bible is labeled hate speech. Religious freedom is sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. Embryos are destroyed with the cheerful goodwill of the public with the promise of cures. Evil is simply a personal choice.

Secular humanism is on the march to become the prominent faith of our time. Its advances are unheralded because they’re still separating out their opposition. Silence is still their ally. Our doom has not been widely discussed and argued by the intellectual giants of our time but quietly measured out in beakers by unquestioned scientists working “for the public good.”

You either believe man is here to serve God or serve man. God or man?

You believe men can be remade as gods or you don’t. You believe that man is simply and only the most evolved animal on this particular planet or you don’t.

I don’t.

Right now, we are witness to the clash of the two irreconcilable faiths of our time and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by saying that we’re losing. The one side seems to have all the commitment and drive to reshape the culture to their own vision. And our side seems filled with Kitty Genovese Americans.

Just for background, Kitty Genovese was a New York City woman who was attacked, stabbed, and raped, and ultimately murdered as 38 neighbors did nothing despite hearing her cries. One man turned up his television to drown out her cries. Others said they were afraid to get involved. The case came to epitomize apathy in New York City.

We know something bad is happening right now. Right outside our window. But we turn the television up to drown out the cries.

Their side seems bent on promoting their vision while our side is too silent to even negotiate the terms of surrender. We think ‘if they just leave my family and I alone all will be right.’ We don’t want to be labeled as nutty. We don’t want conversations to stop when we walk in the room. We hide our views and our beliefs away while the other side argues with self righteous passion. Maybe, we don’t believe we’re right anymore – not the way we used to.

I sometimes avoid newspapers because I don’t want to hear the cries I would hear from the stories. I excuse myself from conversations that I see are going against what I believe. In short, I turn up the television because I don’t want to hear how the other side is reaching their markers with stunning ease, how another hill has been gained.

This crisis has been mounting for decades and we’ve reached, I believe, the tipping point. Victory is within their grasp. They’re unfurling their banners for all to see.

Our society has been the focus of concentrated evil in so many ways externally and internally and the result is that the horrors of recent years are unparalleled. My children will one day ask me what I did while the world was on fire. I don’t want to say I turned up the television.

God help us in these times.