Well, he did it.

If PZ Myers is to be believed, he has gone ahead and desecrated the host(s) that were sent to him after his blog based threat of a few weeks ago.

The atheist college assistant professor has written the following on his website.

Yes, the sad little cracker has met its undignified end, so stop pestering me. The cracker, the koran, and another surprise entry have been violated and are gone. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the details, what little of them there are. I must quickly apologize to all you good Catholics who were hoping to attend Mass, since you can’t anymore — I have been told many hundreds of times now that cracker abuse violates your right to practice your religion. I guess you’ll have to adapt. Secular humanism is a good alternative, if you aren’t already flocking to join the Mormons.

It is finished. There is nothing we can do to “undo” what Myers has done. Subsequent to his threat, there was plenty of (understandable) outrage on this topic. No doubt, he will encounter even more now. Unfortunately, I think that Myers was emboldened by the automatic remonstration.

So what now? More of the same? I hope not.

Perspective is what we need now. As outrageous as this desecration is [and it is] , Jesus has suffered much worse. Before being hung upon the gibbet to die, Jesus was beaten, tortured, flogged, mocked, and ridiculed. Then, he was nailed to a tree and died.

But before he died, he gazed upon his tormentors and said “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

So, over the coming days as this outrage becomes front page news, you need not wonder “What would Jesus do?”. Just think about what Jesus did.

The Father created PZ Myers because He loves him. Jesus died and rose to redeem him. The least we can do is forgive him. He knows not what he does.