More Incense, Less Nonsense!
—”No other religion would dare to have something so awesome.”

Colbert On the Anglican Schism
—”There are many high ranking religious figures opposed to gay priests, for instance … God!”

—For the love in the game.

CDF To TAC: Hang In There!
—Cardinal Levada responds to the Traditional Anglican Communion.

I Can’t Get No…
—Unusual petition inspires my lyrical muse!

I’m Tired of this “Citizen of the World” Garbage
—As far as I’m concerned, the world can have him.

Stuff You Should Read
And other stuff.

Liturgical Institute, Mundelein, Adds Required Course on the Extraordinary Form
—One year after motu proprio, seminary adds a course on the history and spirituality of the EF.

There Are None So Blind…
—On the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae.

On Christian Unity
—The Traditional Anglican Communion on how to restore unity.

Forgive Him Father, He Knows Not What He Does
—PZ Myers carries through on his threat of desecration.

Hillary To Run Against Bush
—Her winning strategy is forcing Christians to kill babies.