The Ineffables – Scene 1
—The first animated feature about Catholic malcontents.

What Happened to Ten Percent?
—Are gays a sizable demographic or a teeny tiny group? Depends on what they want.

One Blowhard Beats Another
—Obama knows how McCain feels now as media ignores him.

Did McCain Lie About The Cross in the Dirt?
—I’m starting to wonder if Saddleback was Obama’s Waterloo.

Making Me Mad Men
—Has the best show on TV gone anti-Catholic?

Liar Liar
—Obama’s campaign admits that he is actually lying.

Bigfoots, Chupacabras and Monsters! Oh My!
—The world is a very strange place and I don’t know the half of it.

Death and Praxis
—Catholic Funerals and the almighty buck.

Abortion is Above Obama’s Pay Grade?
—Obama admits he doesn’t understand abortion.

Barack Obama: Extremist
—This is an ad that McCain should run.

Fr. Ernie Davis Sings Of His Conversion
—I love conversion stories. This one is great.

Henry Poole is Here And I’m There
—A feel-good movie that doesn’t insult Christians? I’m there.

A Tale of Two Parties
—Ridge will push this pro-lifer off the cliff.

A New Kind Of Nun
—Young Nuns on Campus.

Three Things About Marriage
—What three things would you tell someone who is about to get married?