Rush Limbaugh just almost made me crash my car.

I was out grabbing a sandwich listening to el Rushbo on the Sarah Palin pick. First, he played a montage of Obama repeatedly saying “I” over and over and over again. He finished the clip with Obama’s quote “But this election has really never been about me!” Riiiggghhht.

Then he played a clip of Sarah Palin describing her backgound in Alaska. PTA, to City Council, to Mayor, to Ethics Commission, to Governor. At the conclusion of the clip, Rush said, “Babies, Guns, and Jesus. Hot Damn!”

I don’t care how you feel about guns, that is a good line.

In the running for funniest comment, Karen Hall made me laugh with this:

I’d just like to say, as a person who grew up in a town of 1,200 and was raised by the Vice-Mayor: Obama’s elitist, condescending, small-town-bashing bigots can kiss my ignorant, gun-toting, Bible clutching @ss.


And Fr. Jay Toborowsky cracked me up with this one liner. “She had me at “hockey mom”.