Rosie The Republican 2008
—Girl Power!

Sexist Anchor Knocks Palin
—CNN asks if Palin is neglecting her newborn by accepting nomination?

Babies, Guns, and Jesus. Hot Damn!
—Quote of the day!

Beauty and the Beast: Sarah Palin is the Veep!
—Is Sarah Palin the Veep pick?

The Obama Speech – First Impressions
—Patrick’s thoughts on the O’speech.

How Radical on Abortion Are They?
—Democrats have now embraced abortion as a good.

Funny Church Picture of the Day
—This is one tough confessional.

Two Bigfoot Searchers Spot a Recession
—Democrats see non-existent UFO’s, giant rabbits, and THE RECESSION!

Ain’t That America, Little Pink Condoms For You and Me
—Isn’t there anything else to do in Denver?

Bob Casey Jr.: “Give Me 15 Minutes and I’ll Overlook Death!”
—Pro-life Democrat bravely sidesteps abortion issue.

Memo To McCain: Don’t You Do It!
—Kay Bailey Hutchison is not Pro-life!

Open Dissent In The Weekly Bulletin
—Rochester priest openly teaches error.

Stuff You Should Read
—And other stuff.

Mother Teresa’s Saintliness Was in the Stars
—New agers and science geeks choose to ignore free will.

Cardinal Egan Blasts Pelosi
—This is the statement you’ve been waiting for.