When you live long enough, you are bound to witness some shocking things. However, I never imagined that I would ever see anything as low as what the liberal opponents of VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin have stooped to. What is worse, these vile bloggers and pundits have dragged an innocent 16 year old girl into the muck.

This first started within hours of the announcement of Palin as McCain’s VP pick. Alan Colmes of Foxnews’ Hannity & Colmes publicly wondered on his blog if Palin pre-natally neglected her son thus resulting in the baby’s Down Syndrome. This comment is as ignorant as it is abhorrent, however it is likely less offensive than what followed.

On the lefty blog, the DailyKos, blogger ArcXIX accuses Sarah Palin of faking her pregnancy with baby Trig to cover up for the illegitimate baby of her 16 year old daughter. As disgusting as the accusation against Governor Palin is, she is a very public figure and baseless and abhorrent accusations sometimes are among the repellent side effects of public persona. However, to accuse a 16 year old girl, whose only crime is having a well known mother, of something like this is among the most reprehensible things I have ever seen.

Back in the days when Hillary and Bill ruled the roost, they had their fair share of nasties accusing them of everything from murder, to rape, and to being bad tippers. I cannot remember a single time when someone, never mind in such a public and popular hang out such as the DailyKos, went after Chelsea in any way approaching this loathsome a manner. Imagine the hue and cry if Chelsea had been accused (at 16) of a similar act by someone on a popular conservative blog. It would have been the lead story on the network news for a week calling for the heads of anyone even remotely connected to the post. (And rightly so.)

However, while I am sure that most of the left leaning folks out there would never do such a thing and are most likely as repulsed as I am at this behavior, the post remains and I have not seen any prominent liberal call for the heads of Alan Colmes, ArcXIX, or anyone at the DailyKos.

If 16 year old girls whose only crime is to be the daughter of a prominent political enemy are now considered fair game, then it is clear that we have lost too much. I am saddened, disgusted, and righteously angry that this kind of thing can go on with little or none of the requisite and suitable condemnation. If this is what politics has become, count me out. I will have no part of the politics of progenal destruction.

**Please note that I have not linked to any of the stories as I will have no part in sending even one reader to these sites. If you want to see it for yourself, I am sure you can find it.