Wait! I Thought He Was The Messiah?
—Rev. Jeremiah Wright compares Obama to the Virgin Mary.

Pope John Paul II? Nope. Reagan? Nah. Gorby? Yes!
—Gorbachev Receives Liberty Medal Award. Huh?

Sign of Peace Or 7th Inning Stretch?
—There was talking, laughing, hugging, and walking going on just moments before Communion.

Vatican Official Quoted Without Attributing It To The Vatican
—Kudos to the media for not saying the Vatican endorses Palin.

The Race War Nobody’s Talking About
—If McCain/Palin lose be prepared for an ugly race war…with Eskimos.

Will Palin Subject Herself To Her Husband?
—Theologian says Palin could be dangerous because she believes in the Bible.

Of Priests and Presidents
—People with important jobs shouldn’t marry and have children, say liberals. OK.

Dumb and Dumber
—Pelosi shows she is dumb. Biden shows he is dumber.

This is Just Cute, Not Political
—Saying babies are a blessing is not political. They’re just really cute.

Zogby: Catholics Swing To McCain by Double Digits
—Somewhere Doug Kmiec just spit out his coffee.

Hitchcock: Crazed Monster or Catholic Moralist?
—Famed Catholic director weaved morality into his tales of suspense and horror.

Great New Video on the Nashville Dominican Sisters
—A surprisingly positive story on the Nashville Dominican Sisters.

Novak: “My Brain Tumor”
—Catholic convert Robert Novak talks about unanticipated friends and how his faith has helped him.

“…and they broke me.”
—The most suprising and memorable line of this campaign season.

Postmodern Politics
—A headless Puma, a guy in a sweater vest, and a mother walk into a zoo…

Robert Davi: Pro-life Profiler
—Pro-life actor does voice over work for John McCain.