On April 6th 1977, Gianna Jessen’s mother, well into her 7th month of pregnancy, walked into a California abortion clinic determined to end the young life within her. Gianna’s fate was to be the same as countless other babies sentenced to unborn death in 1977. Because Gianna’s mother was past her sixteenth week of pregnancy, the abortion method selected was a saline abortion. In a saline abortion, the child is poisoned to death by salt. A needle is inserted into the womb and some of the amniotic fluid is replaced by a highly concentrated salt solution. The baby breathes and swallows the poisonous solution. They typically kick and convulse as they are poisoned and burned to death. The baby is delivered dead some 24 to 48 hours after the beginning of the procedure.

This was the gruesome fate intended for Gianna, however God had other plans. Gianna’s mother received the injection. Knowing that it typically takes some time for the baby to die, the doctor supervising the abortion went home for the night assuming that he would deliver the dead baby in the morning. He left her in the care of a single nurse.

In the middle of the night Gianna’s mother felt something strange. Her water had broken and she was feeling contractions. She was frightened, unsure what was happening to her. She woke the nurse on duty who advised her to just lie down. But the contractions were only getting worse, so she again tried to summon the on-duty nurse. But this time she did not come. She was in a total panic. As the contractions deepened, Gianna’s mother reached down and felt the baby, her baby, the baby she was there to abort. For a moment, there was nothing but silence. How could this be? This was not supposed to happen? The silence was broken by the cry of a living baby. The nurse, stunned by the sound of the cry, came running. The nurse called for an ambulance and the baby was whisked away to the hospital.

If Barack Obama had his way, babies like Gianna would be left in a closet to die. Don’t believe it? Ask Jill Stanek. But Gianna received the kind of care that Obama would deny to other babies. Gianna, instead of being discarded in the name of abortion “rights”, lived. Here is Gianna in her own words about Barack Obama and Born Alive Infants Protection.

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