Can Catholics Vote For McCain?
—Prioritizing torture, the War, and abortion can be difficult. Thankfully Red Cardigan is on the case.

He Ain’t Nothing Special
—The French take rude to a new level disrespecting the Pope.

The End of Civilization – Part XXIV
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Nature/Nurture and Survival of the Roughest
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Dr. Who Dunnit?
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Pep Talks From Supreme Court Justice
—Chief Justice Roberts delivers pep talk to Notre Dame. How about one for the Court?

The Internet Election
—This election is history in the making.

Doctor Worries That Palin’s Decision Could Decrease Abortions
—Palin could inspire other families to love a child. Shocking, huh?

Exciting Project From Fr. Barron
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Buchanan: Last Chance for Life
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Is The Media Getting Worse?
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Grandmothers Thrown Out of Vatican
—All they were doing was planting a flag in front of St. Peter’s, burning incense, waving feathers, and dancing in a circle.

Horror Story from Meet The Teacher Night
—The saga of the soda stain brigade as it actually occured as told by horrified eyewitnesses.

New Video From
—If you are Catholic, watch this video before you vote!

He Gave All
—A beautiful, salient, and touching story about a man who sacrificed himself for his son.