Shakespeare famously said through the lips of Polonius “To thine own self be true.” I found out that today that I haven’t been, but I don’t know if there is anything I can do about it.

I made up my mind that I supported the bailout plan. Even though under normal circumstances this type of thing would be anathema, I am constantly being reminded that these are far from normal circumstances. Further, many people much more knowledgeable than I in the ways of finance seem to think we need it. So I made up my mind to support it.

So imagine my befuddlement today when I heard the news that the plan went down to defeat and I realized I was … glad. I don’t know if I am cutting off my nose to spite my face, but I was glad nevertheless. Oh sure, I know that something similar will likely be passed within a week or so, but I think sometimes a dramatic “Not so fast, mister!” is in order.

So now is the time to put away partisan differences and take out the unbridled partisan hatred. Let’s start with Nancy Pelosi, who I am now convinced is as mean as she is stupid. Does it seem like a good idea to insult in such a nasty way the people whose support you need in 5 minutes? Well that is just what the Speaker decided to do.

Now the Democrat leadership is attempting to demonize the Republicans for their failure to support the bill. This, of course, completely ignores the 95 Democrats who voted against it as well. So get this, 133 Republicans and 95 Democrats of a Democrat controlled house voted against the bailout, but it is all the Republicans fault? Actually, that is as close to real bipartisanship as anything I have seen from Washington.

Now some Republicans have been complaining that Speaker Pelosi was mean to them and perhaps this contributed to the failure. Any Republican who noted nea not because they thought that it won’t work, but because their feeling were hurt should be horse whipped and made to wear little pink dresses and white patent leather shoes. Grow up, this is serious business.

As I have said, I have mixed thoughts on this matter and am unsure what is the right course of action. Republicans can and have come down on both sides of the issue. With that said, I am absolutely disgusted by Republicans (pundits and pols) who supported the bill demonizing any Republican who opposed it. I have seen attacks that employ the worst tactics of the left. I guess I was fooling myself that conservatives are generally above such despicable behavior. Lesson learned.

The one thing that really steams me is the fact that the ones really being demonized here, by both sides, is me and you. The constituents. People, regular folks, who called their representatives in record numbers in opposition to this quick and potentially premature giveaway. Many folks, good decent Americans, are legitimately concerned that this may not be the right thing to do. That it may not fix the problem and perhaps eventually make it even worse. People are wondering if perhaps it is better to take the pain and comeuppance of our failures now, thinking it is likely to be worse if we put it off. So people called their representatives and said “Not so fast!” Amazingly, some of their representatives actually listened.

So now pundits, pols, and the powerful of each party are screaming and demonizing each other over who is to blame for this failure to act. Well, I have news for them. We are to blame. Us folks out here. The ones paying the bill. We are the ones who said wait. Continue to demonize us at your own peril.

I am still unsure about what is the right course of action, but I am now very sure that the leadership of both parties really don’t care what we think. A pox on both their houses.