New Catholic – Political Blog
—Friend o’CMR launches new Catholic Political blog.

Advice to Peggy Noonan: Get Out of NYC!
—I think New York City is destroying my favorite columnist.

A Jew For All Seasons
—A Rabbi, a Jesuit and the Pope walk into a bar …

The Fluffy Bunny is Racist
—The AP accuses Sarah Palin of racism and then prints sexist remarks.

Rabbi Attacks Palin’s Unborn Grandson
—Discusses possible suicide of lonely loser “bastard” grandson.

NYT and The Seamless Garment
—NYT pretends that observant Catholics are up for grabs. Oh yeah, they are racist too.

Hilarious Example of Media Bias
—CNN reporter either can’t count or is suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Creative Minority Reader

Fr. Barron on “Religulous”
—Fr. Barron looks at Bill Maher’s Movie.

Bishop Finn Takes on Freedom of Choice Act
—Bishop speaks out against law allowing complete and unrestricted access to abortion.

Media: Bad News for McCain — Palin Did Well
—Media lunatics unhinged!

McCain to NYT’s Dowd: “Get Off My Plane!”
—Maureen Dowd was kicked off McCain’s plane. The only relevant question is “at what altitude?”