Sometimes Something So Right Occurs…
—This is the most important story you’ll read today. I promise.

Top Ten Scientific Explanations for Fatima
—Anomalous sunspot activity caused by ESP, mass hypnosis, evolution, and solar dust?

I’m An Embarrasment
—It’s OK. I’m used to it.

Boycott Over — Super Size Me!
—Who says boycotts don’t work?

First Graders’ Gay Marriage Field Trip
—I have to wonder what the permission slip said on this one.

An Acorn Election Day!
—Bring out your dead!

Creative Minority Reader

Considering Who To Vote For? Read This!
—Palin talks about real hope and change.

Without A Pope: Orthodoxy & Unity
—The Ecumenical Patriarch makes a pitch for Unity within Orthodoxy.

A Gay Marriage Irony
—Recent polls show support for ban on gay marriage. Thanks to Obama?