The last two months have been something to behold. Regardless of her politics or experience, I think that no objective observer can deny the media and the political left’s overwhelming desire to destroy Sarah Palin, by any means necessary.

Is she an ideal candidate. Certainly not. I wish that she had been Governor for longer and had some more prep time, but with all that said there is much more to admire than not.

I have thought and said that the kill by any means necessary mentality of the left is based in large part on fear. Imagine a strong charismatic crunchy conservative pro-life woman with special needs baby running for for office. Now imagine that same woman with years of national and foreign policy experience. That is a very very scary thing to the pro-death left. On such a woman, many of their usual attacks would be useless. They absolutely must stop her now before it is too late.

I have long dreamed of a candidate like I believe Sarah Palin can be in a few years. She gives me hope. But she is not the only one. Perhaps we are witnessing the re-birth of an ardently pro-life republican party, and maybe this baby wears a dress.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Buzzing from the House floor interrupts Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. In a flurry of hot pink she disappears around the corner to cast her vote. Within minutes she is back, sitting on a couch in a Capitol lounge. The perfectly manicured toenails are misleading: The freshman congresswoman is a tax attorney, a full-time mom, and once worked in a fish cannery in Alaska. Before becoming Minnesota’s first Republican congresswoman, she also prayed outside of abortion clinics, helped her husband start his own business, and welcomed 23 foster children into her home.

She might not be Sarah Palin, but a noticeable Minnesota accent and Midwestern work ethic put her in the same camp. At 13, Bachmann was forced to become almost financially independent after her parents divorced. She used her babysitting money to buy her own clothes and lunches at school and saved up enough to purchase her first pair of contact lenses. Between college semesters at Winona State University, she took her hardworking streak to Alaska where on one memorable day she cleaned 280 salmon.

Can you imagine an entire flock of the accomplished and conservative women making the pro-life case to the nation? I truly understand why the pro-death left is so scared. These women break to the ridiculous stereotype of a successful woman that the culture of death has promulgated for generations and they could just be sounding the death knell of abortion on demand as a feminist issue. They are afraid, very afraid. They should be.