OK. Biden’s Scaring Me
—America will be in a crisis and you’re going to think Obama’s wrong. They promise.

Good Points, Bad Movies
—Culture of death critique or no, Shyamalan’s The Happening should never have happened.

The Liturgical Stylings Of Fr. Frank
—Come watch the liturgical abuse next door.

An American Legend
—What is a story for a news cycle might be growing into something much more.

Al Smith = Joe The Plumber = Me?
—Obama compares himself to Al Smith. Vox Nova says “Oh really?”

McCain’s Lawyer Takes On The NY Times
—You’ve got to read this letter.

Basketball & A Political Metaphor
—Once upon a time a star met an ordinary guy, and the result was magic.

Creative Minority Reader

I Am Woman – Hear Me
—The future of the Republican Party? Women.

Man Asks off Sundays and Gets Fired
—As less people observe their religions less and less, people who take their faith seriously will likely suffer.

“The King and I” But Different
—The new “Protect Marriage” ad. I think it’s pretty effective.

Revelation: Obama May Have Been a Fetus
—Obama admits to being former “blob of tissue.” Republicans urge an investigation.