The latest Pew poll has Barack Obama up a whopping 14 points! Insert your despair here but…(and this is a big but) look at the internals of the poll.

Here’s the thing the media won’t tell you about this poll: The party ID breakdown in the poll is: Democrat/Lean Democrat 51%; Republican/Lean Republican 36%.

That’s means they polled 15 percent more Democrats than Republicans. That measurement is nothing short of madness. The actual differential on Election Day in 2006 (which was a spectacularly bad year for Republicans) was three percent. Rasmussen and Zogby have the Dem ID over the Republicans at 5-6 percent.

But Pew somehow believes that on Election day there will be 15 percent more Democrats than Republicans, something that’s never come close to happening before. Give me a break.

The only actual news coming out of the Pew poll is that if you poll Democrats they will drastically favor Obama.

Now, to what end are these polls being done. It is simply to dispirit Republicans so they don’t show up to the polls. That’s it. I honestly never thought America would become a country where truth would be so hidden by the powers that be. But we are there. We are living 1984. We are being lied to and so many of us don’t even know it.

Update: Just more proof that polling means nothing. Today’s AP POLL has McCain & Obama Essentially all even! …And McCain is down just 3 in the IBD polls. These people know less than Weather men. No, not the terrorist Weathermen, I mean those people on the news who tell you it’s raining when it’s raining.