Wanna Be In A Video With Fr. Barron?
—Fr Barron will be taping a new video and is looking for some folks.

New Classical Church Architecture
—A special event with noted traditional architect Thomas Gordon Smith.

Nightmare Scenario: White Liberal Riot
—The sad riots of the Starbucks crowd should McCain/Palin win.

Christianity Is A Protestant Thing
—Anti-Catholic bigotry or pathetic religious ignorance?

Catholic Cover For Partisan Politics Part II
—Mark Shea and the Catholic fence sitters.

Shock Poll: Dems Favor Obama
—Pollsters interview 15 percent more Dems than Republicans.

The Second Slumming
—A poem from the perspective of the “conservative” elite.

Creative Minority Reader

Playing For A Tie
—Maybe McCain just needs to get it close and victory will come.

Close to Infanticide?
—Pro-lifers are on the brink of being marginalized. What now?

Born Alive And The Aftermath
—Disturbing video on aftermath of Born Alive.