Well it is about time. An editor of a metropolitan newspaper read a column in her own paper, was taken aback by the partisan nature of it and decided to put her foot down. There was no way that she would allow that kind of one-sided partisanship to impact voters before the election.

As a result, Nancy Barnes editor of the Star Tribune, wrote to all her columnists and said “I want to ask all columnists to refrain from partisan political commentary in their columns on the news pages, at least until after the election.”

Did the editor of the Star Tribune finally get tired of the one sided liberal slant the pervades almost all coverage this election season? Hardly. No, the opinion column that forced the editor to take the draconian measure of silencing all her columnists?

[MinnPost] Barnes’ memo comes one day after Kersten’s column headlined “Vulgar mockery of Christians: Is this what we want in a U.S. Senator?” The piece lacerated U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken for joking about Christ’s crucifixion, Mary Magdalene, God, eucharist wafers, and Catholic cardinals during his days as a satirist.

This is outlandish! Criticizing a candidate for Senate for mocking the crucifixion, God, and the Eucharist! This kind of venomous partisan attack has no place in our public discourse. Nancy Barnes, we need to stop this kind of partisanship and get back to not reporting about Acorn, William Ayers, and the Democrats foundational role in the Fannie/Freddie meltdown.

You can’t make this stuff up.