On my last post, I was having some fun with anagrams of Barack Hussein Obama. I tried to find some nonsensical and funny ones to compliment my post.

I decided to go back and see what other words could be formed by recombining the letters of the name of the president-elect. The results were much less humorous. In fact, the results were so specific and horrific that one could be forgiven if they wondered momentarily if perhaps there is meaning behind it. Here are some of the combinations I came up with.

  • Barack Hussein Obama
  • A Man Hacks Our Babies
  • As Croak Human Babies

I know that with so many letters in his name the chances of finding something incriminating is high. In fact that is why I checked in the first place. However, the specificity of this particular combination struck me as eerily apropos.

An anagram for my full name is “Childbirth Crackpot Harps Roe” which is kind of fitting also. Then again, another anagram for my name is “Horror’s pitch-black, dirt-cheap.” So Obama’s name reveals his desire for baby blood and mine that I am a Childbirth crackpot who harps on Roe (v Wade) because it resulted in pitch black and dirt cheap horrors.

Hey, maybe there is something to this name business?