What Is In A Name?
—What do anagrams reveal about Obama and me?

Winter Coming. You Might Need a Laugh
—A Canadian Police Chase

The Obama Prophecy
—What does “Obama” spelled backwards in ancient Sanskrit say? Doomed!

Obama Inspires “Blob of Tissue” Boom!
—Obama: Change you can conceive in.

Diocese Has Priest’s Back
—Monsignor backs priest and then unbacks.

Here Be Monsters!
—NASA Discovers Sauron! And they’re cool with that.

Commonweal Doesn’t Mind Hypocrisy
—Liberal Catholic mag seeks to silence dissenting priests?

Creative Minority Reader

The Liturgical Image: St. Monica Church, Cincinnati
—Here the heavenly and cosmic liturgy are made visible.

Part 4: Architectural Theology at the New Saint Michael Church
—Part 4 in the series on Architectural Theology.

Merry..Um….Merry? Happy H….Time Of Year!
—It’s our holiday. If you want our money, you gotta say the word.

From Jetpacks to Diapers in 40 years
—Reflections on my 40th birthday.