Anecdotal, sure. But you and I both know….Whatever.

Oh, and some Christians prayed in San Fracisco’s Castro district and got this warm reception.

Rod Dreher asks

This is terrifying. This ought to be on the national news. If this were a Christian mob surrounding gay-rights campaigners, it certainly would be — and should be, as no peaceful protester in this country should be subject to this threat. (And no, this wasn’t a made- up thing: here’s how a local SFO TV station covered it).

Watch this, and tell me these people [Update: by which I mean the enraged activist core, not all gays — RD.] aren’t going to come against churches full force once they have the civil rights laws on their side:

Tell me why Christians and others who oppose this mob don’t have to fear. These people have no idea, no idea at all, what kind of response this kind of thing may call up. One of the members of the Christian group, which had been singing hymns in the street, tells of how they were assaulted with urine, and worse:

What the media covers and doesn’t cover is the heart of bias.