I am going to do something I usually don’t do. I am going to let something speak for itself. Honestly, I am not sure what I think about this. I know what my gut tells me, but perhaps there are points I haven’t considered.

Therefore, I will post the following without commentary. My purpose is to solicit from you, our dear readers, your considered and considerate opinions.

Just in time for the holidays, I give you the “My Mass Kit” from an outfit called Wee Believers. The folks advertise it as follows.

  • Fun way for kids to learn and appreciate the actions and beauty of the Mass
  • Certified QuietTM – no noisy parts to disturb reverent environments [Ok, a li’l commentary. How do you certify quiet. I have 5 knuckleheads children eight and under and I am interested in anything that can CERTIFY quiet. Does it include chloroform?]
  • 12 cleanable, plush pieces
  • Durable canvas carrying case keeps everything organized
  • Personalizable I.D. holder so each kit is your very own
  • Design is approved by Catholic Clergy [I don’t the good folks at Wee Believers, but who approved it? This seems somewhat vague. Actually it seems Nostradamus vague.]
  • Ideal teaching manipulative for school, catechism and homeschool settings

From Creative Minority Report

Don’t let my small commentary color your remarks, they are intended only to question truth in advertising. What are your thoughts on this “teaching aid?”

One thing is for certain, they better make sure the the Muu-Muu militia does not get a hold of this item. All we need is dozens of liturgical Mrs. Roepers practicing with this item. Well, at least it is washable.

Since it includes a “detailed instructional booklet,” perhaps we can hand them out at the next Eucharistic Conference. On second thought that won’t work. It doesn’t include liturgical puppets.