Fr. Barron on Kerry Kennedy’s “Being Catholic Now”
—Cafeteria Catholicism takes a hit.

Prayer Request for Fr. Nuehaus
—Diagnosis of cancer for the one of the great converts of the past century.

The Thought That Counts
—Men are from Mars, Women are from Saks.

Woodstock Vs. Youth Day
—It’s a lifestyle choice.

Dictionary Removes Christian Words
—Gone are words like “sin” and “saint.” Replaced by “interdependent” and “biodegradable.”

One Nation, Godless
—Newsweek writer wants “Under God” removed from the pledge.

Crazy Christmas
—Rent Ralphie’s House or eat some elf. It’s all here.

Creative Minority Reader

Words Mean Things: Billy Joel
—Is it middle age or is Billy Joel anti-Catholic?

Flashback: Benedictine Arrangement Variation
—1976 children’s hand missal sheds light on reform before deform.

When Politics Trump Christmas
—Which message is your favorite? Christ is born or Impeach Bush.

The Perfect Christmas CD
—Our first ever Christmas song bleg.